Proflex® Mesh Proflex® Mesh

ISO 13485

Certified Quality System

Synthetic Partially Absorbable Polypropylene/PGA-PCL (75/25) Composite Surgical Mesh Non-sterile/Sterile

Indication Indication

Surgical mesh for repair of hernias or other soft tissue defects

Characteristics Characteristics

  • Lightweight Mesh (PP amount<30g/㎡) with excellent handling characteristics

    - Proper initial stiffness like heavyweight mesh

    - Proper burst strength with minimized amount of PP

  • Segmented-pie monofilament structure

    - Excellent flexibility after absorption (Soft mesh) comparing to other products

    - Reduced risk of infection comparing with multifilament products

    - Minimized pain and discomfort

  • Better tissue attachement due to large pores
  • Violet strips help accurate mesh positioning
  • Reliable materials used for surgical sutures (PP, PGA-PCL(75/25))

Specifications & Package Specifications & Package

Size (cm) Packaging Unit
Non-Sterile Bulk Material Sterile Finished, Packaged Product
6 X 11 15pcs/Pouch 3pcs/Carton
10 X 15 15pcs/Pouch 3pcs/Carton
30 X 30 6pcs/Pouch 3pcs/Carton