Transdermal Patches Transdermal Patches

Our patch products allow successful drug delivery through the skin into the systemic circulation.

Name Active Ingredient / Formulation Strength Indication Characteristics
Fentaderm® Patch Fentanyl / Patch 12ug, 25ug,
50ug, 100ug/h
Chronic pain
  • Reduced patch size
    (50% of Original)
  • Skin flux is twice
Rheumastop® Plaster Diclofenac Diethyl-ammonium / Plaster 120mg Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Initial cool feeling
  • Potent & long-lasting therapeutic efficacy
  • Flexible and elastic
Nicostop® Patch/Gum Nicotine / Patch,Gum 19mg, 38mg, 57mg Smoking cessation
  • No. 1 Brand in Korea
  • Excellent wearing (Patch)
  • Good chew ability (Gum)
Tulobuterol Patch Tulobuterol / Patch 0.5mg, 1mg, 2mg Asthma
  • Good controlled drug permeation
Demencure® Patch Rivastigmine / Patch 6mg, 12mg Dementia
  • Reduced API
    (66% of Original)
  • Reduced the skin irritation
Angiderm® Patch Nitroglycerin / Patch 65mg Angina and heart failure
  • Useful for preventing early morning heart attacks